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Meet Cameron Smith

The Actor.

Cameron began acting at the age of 5. He gained his first paycheck at age 6 from a national commercial. He has been fortunate to have great representation and coaching and is a highly accomplished actor.

His acting skills are proving to be a great asset for his racing sponsors as he is very media and camera “savvy” and produces great video content for social media and sponsors’ websites.

As a professional actor, Cameron continues to work in tv and movie opportunities and also continues to build his skills with his coach Deborah Lemen and is passionate about being a great actor. Of course his income provides funds for racing!


Meet Cameron Smith

The Student.

While creating great opportunities in racing and acting, Cameron also wants to have the opportunity to further his educational opportunities.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program is something that Cameron has been eager to accomplish for years because it is a high standard, global qualification that opens doors for further education when the time is right. It is an Internationally recognized qualification with a fantastic curriculum.


Concerned that trying to gain the IB Diploma in a traditional school would be massively difficult while balancing the demands of racing and acting, Cameron was thrilled to find Kings Interhigh offering the IB Diploma online.

This is the only school of its kind. Kings Interhigh is perfect for athletes, racers, actors and entrepreneurs who want to still accomplish their goals of a great education as there is flexibility in scheduling to work around the commitments outside of school.

Cameron is so happy to have found Kings Interhigh, he is looking forward to being an Ambassador for the school and for the IB Program.

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