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The inspiration...

What’s it like to be the parents of a young racing driver?


What about being the parents of a young actor? Well we are the parents of someone who is both!



How did we get so “lucky”? 🙂

Racing and acting are obviously quite different paths, but as parents there are common themes with both that we really struggled with. We have had HUGE learning curves to go through as neither of us had a career in either racing or acting.


There were a couple of books for Hollywood parents that we read and re-read where we picked up some pointers. For racing, there was even less information.


Websites were really limited for young actors and seemed to focus on selling coaching and websites for young racers were and are basically non-existent.

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The result...

These guides are written to share our experiences and hopefully shorten the learning curves for you if you find yourself in a similar situation with a talented, aspirational, passionate son or daughter who you want to support in the best way possible.

Aspiring Child Actor Guide

  • Expert advice, practical strategies, and industry insights

  • Auditions and casting guidance

  • Skill development and career management tips

  • A comprehensive roadmap to support your child's acting dreams

  • Empower your child to become the next shining star in the entertainment industry

  • Invest in their future and nurture their artistic talents

Aspiring Professional Karters Guide

  • Navigate the world of motorsports with confidence

  • Develop your child's racing skills and cultivate a champion's mindset

  • Balance education and racing for optimal growth

  • Maximize opportunities in the racing industry

  • Invest in your child's future and pave the way to becoming the next racing prodigy

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